Thursday, November 14, 2013

Keep My Tn Home winding down. Don't delay. Apply now.

To take advantage of this program, do not delay. I don't know for sure when the program will end but it will be soon. We have first heard  from THDA that the program could end as early as January but then more recently we heard it may last until March or April. If you think you may be eligible for this program, don't delay. When it ends, I do not know if we will be told to not take new applications but to continue to work those who are in the pipeline, or if we will be told to stop submitting files.

From the time I have a complete file, it still takes about six weeks to get an application approved. Often it takes a client up to a month, sometimes longer, to get their documents to me.

If you make contact directly with me, I will shorten the process for you. Tell me you are being referred from this website and you will get to skip the class that clients normally have to go to before they see a counselor. Also, not to be immodest but I am one of the most experienced and successful counselors working this program. I have over twenty years experience as a housing counselor and know the KMTH program and other work-out options inside and out. I am one of the best and, I won't waste your time. If you are not eligible, I will tell you. Also, feel free to call for a phone screening. There is no cost for our services. There is no cost for getting the Keep My TN Home assistance.

If you qualify, what Keep My TN Home can do for you is bring your loan current and make your house payment for up to three years or until $40,000 is spend on your behalf. I know that sounds unbelievable and too good to be true, but it is. I am not offering an opinion of whether or not I think it is a good policy or a wise policy. I don't make policy or comment on policy on this blog, I am just trying to drum up some business.  Why would I do that? I don't make any money off of serving you, but I do want to be a productive employee and maintain a record as a high producer. Who knows? When this program ends, there may be less demand for housing counselors and I want to remain one of the best in the business. So, call me and let me help you save your home. Rod Williams 615-850-3453.

To be eligible, you must of lost your job or had a decrease in income or suffered another eligibility hardship through no fault of your own. There are some other restrictions but most people meet the other requirements. Don't assume you are not eligible. Don't immediately register on the Keep My Tn website, call me first. 

If you are closer to Memphis or Knoxville or Chattanooga than Nashville you need to be served somewhere else; go to this website: This program is only for Tennessee residents but about 19 other states have their own version of the same program. Nationally the program is know as the Hardest Hit program.

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